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Makes Diagnosing Car AC problems Easier

AC diagnosis is the first Bluetooth car diagnostic tool with built-in AC temperature charts. It compares vent temperature to ambient air along with humidity levels, delivering a much more accurate AC performance test result

Advanced AC Troubleshooting

AC diagnosis calculates the optimal temperature that should blow from the central vent. It uses its powerful IoT sensor to accurately determine the car's AC efficiency. Then it guides you through AC troubleshooting and pressure gauge readings analysis to fix AC issues quickly and finish your job faster.

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Smart IoT technology 

AC diagnosis smart IoT sensor measures ambient air temperature and humidity to calculate how the AC system is performing relatively.


Multi-Refrigerants Support 

Works either with the new refrigerant R-1234yf and the R-134a.


 Plug and Play 

​Built to be easily installed & used in any car's dash vents. Temperature read-out in °F or °C.

Diagnose & Charge car AC systems like a PRO!

Built-in Smart IoT technology, the AC diagnosis tool helps you to make sure the system is diagnosed and charged correctly. It provides you with live AC vent temperature data, avoids dangerous pressure levels, and perfectly charges your car's Air Conditioning system.

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