AC diagnosis + 1 year PREMIUM service + Free Shipping
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€ 98.00
€ 59.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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PREMIUM service
Enjoy the full potential of what AC diagnosis has to offer with exclusive features that will keep you
up-to-date and in touch with your customers. The team will be on hand to offer support when needed, making sure your PREMIUM experience is of the highest standard.
At the end of this first free year there is no pressure to renew your subscription. You can continue to use AC diagnosis with reduced features through our free app. You decide what is right for you. 
The cost of renewing the PREMIUM service is will be € 29.00/year, excluding sales tax.
[Learn more about FREE and PREMIUM plans]
  • No. 1 Smart Bluetooth sensor with battery
  • No. 2 attachment system
  • Robust box with insert foam for great protection
  • One year PREMIUM service
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