• Marco Bonifaccino

Car Air-Conditioning: check and service.

Updated: Nov 25

Here you will find useful basic information and handy tips relating to air-conditioning systems in vehicles.

Important safety information

The following technical information and practical tips have been compiled by AC diagnosis, source HELLA, in order to provide professional support to vehicle workshops in their day-to-day work. The information provided on this blog is intended for use by suitably qualified personnel only.

The air-conditioning system used to be something reserved for luxury cars. Today it is standard equipment in all vehicle classes. But how does it achieve cooling and which components are actually involved? Here you will find not only find answers to these questions, but also tips on the maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of air-conditioning systems.

In this article, we're going to talk about:

  1. Function: Air-Conditioning cirquit

  2. Useful information: Air-Conditioning service, recharge and check

  3. Troubleshooting: checking the Air-Conditioning system

  4. Workshop tips: car Air-Conditioning repair - removal and installation instructions


Refrigerant and the cooling circuit are required to control the climate inside the vehicle. A blend of cold and hot air makes it possible to create the desired climate conditions ─ irrespective of the conditions outside. This makes the air-conditioning system a key factor in improving safety and driving comfort.

The individual components of the refrigerant circuit ar