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1.   Open the sliding box. AC diagnosis is ready to be connected to your phone.
2.   Click on App Store or Google Play and download the AC diagnosis mobile app. AC diagnosis is compatible with iPhone and Android phones.
  • Compatibility: requires iOS 10.0 or later and Android operating system 9.0 or later
  • Languages: English and Italian
3.   Open AC diagnosis mobile app. Tap on "Sign up" and create an account. The email will appear in the diagnostic report. We suggest using the email of your car repair shop. You will complete your account information later, once you will log in (Point 5).
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4.   Tap on "Register". The Bluetooth will start to scan the device. Connect the AC diagnosis sensor once it will appear on the screen. It could take some seconds sometimes.
WARNING. The GPS/Location on your phone MUST be ON to connect the AC diagnosis sensor.
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5.   Before you start, complete your "Account" information.
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6.   Go to “Setting” to select the refrigerant used by the car. AC diagnosis works with both R-134a and R-1234yf. If you need to know what refrigerant is used in the car visit the page "How to know what refrigerant uses my car?".
Set the temperature unit, Celsius or Fahrenheit, and named the sensor.
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7.   Tap on the pen on the top right to add "Car information". VIN information will not display on the report.
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8.   Park car in the shade when testing AC performance. Start the vehicle engine and allow it to run at a fast idle.
9.   Turn ON AC at maximum cool and medium airflow. Allow approximately five minutes for the AC system to reach the maximum cool performance.
10.   Choose what attachment best fit into the car's AC vent and plug the AC diagnosis sensor into the central vent. Make sure the vent is turned ON and the air recirculate button has to be OFF.
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11.   Rise engine RPM around 2000. Go to "AC Performance Test" on the AC diagnosis app. If the outlet temperature reaches the optimal cooling performance, AC diagnosis will communicate that "AC IS WORKING PROPERLY".
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12.   If the outlet temperature doesn't reach the optimal cooling performance, the app will display the message "AC NEEDS TO BE SERVICED" and the temperature reading will appear orange.
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13.   Once the test is completed save your data and share the report by image or text. The report can be shared throughout all apps supported by the device: email, text, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.
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14.   All reports are available on the "DataLog" page. Use the three dots menu to share as text or delete the report.
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