Advanced Bluetooth AC diagnostic tool

AC diagnosis is an innovative car diagnostic tool that leverages Smart IoT Technology to determine quickly the condition of the Air Conditioning system and decide if it needs to be serviced or not.

 Accurately report AC issues 

You can send a diagnostic report and specific notes directly to the vehicle owner, making clear the repair issues and winning loyal customers.

 Improve Car Repair Shop Efficiency 

The hassle of back-and-forth calls to explain the AC issue is eliminated. Get fast approval and improve your automotive shop efficiency.

 Increase Profits

Performing a quick AC check helps you to discover more Air Conditioning systems that need to be serviced and sell more AC services.

 Give Customers Peace of Mind 

Provide reliable and accurate diagnostics to vehicle owners. Build trust through transparency helping you to get 5-star reviews.
It has never been more important to have the ability to serve customers quickly. AC diagnosis is the diagnostic tool that can help you to perform a quick Air Conditioning check and discover if it needs to be serviced.
Diagnosing car AC system with AC diagnos

Performs a digital car AC check via your smartphone

Modern cars have become more sophisticated and computer-driven than ever. AC diagnosis meets those standards by leveraging smart IoT technology to calculate the optimal vent temperature and accurately determine the car's Air Conditioning system efficiency.
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Become more professional with an advanced diagnostic tool

Have you ever spent a lot of time on the phone trying to explain technical issues to the customer?AC diagnosis solves this problem. Its easy-to-use app allows you to share diagnostic reports with the vehicle owner, to receive faster approval and reduce the amount of time necessary to complete the service.
Performs car AC check quickly via your s

Don't waste time and finish job faster

Communication is at the center of any successful relationship. Make this easier with your customers by using AC diagnosis. Discover quickly if the Air Conditioner needs to be serviced and sent an easy-to-read diagnostic report.
A simple and easy to read diagnostic rep

Sends a simple and easy-to-read diagnostic report

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The-First-Air-Conditioning Diagnostic-To

The First Air Conditioning Diagnostic Tool that Connects to Your Phone

Our AC diagnostic sensor features the latest in technological developments. The Bluetooth 5.0 IoT sensor uses low-energy components and sports an automatic power-saving feature which gives up to 5-year battery life.
Smart IoT technology takes into account the outside temperature and humidity, and provides you with an accurate AC diagnosis report.
The device itself is compatible with 2 types of refrigerant, R-134a and R-1234yf, and works with all types of AC systems and vents.
iOS and Android versions of the app are available on the iOS store and Google Play.
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Before AC diagnosis, we only serviced the car's AC when the customer reported an issue. Now we stay one step ahead of our customers by telling them when the system needs to be serviced.
Massimo - Auto Repair Shops Owner

Discover more A/C systems to be serviced in a minute and sell more services!

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